Vampire Knight Episode 5

I think Zero would like Yuki’s blood than yours, Kaien.

Sorry if this post is a little late because of distractions such as exams, exams, exams…But whatever it is, I’m back. I need more spotlight and ignored by the rest of the Internet world for almost months now. (And I think I’m going to flunk my Math all because of formulas floating around my head and attacked Reverse Vampire’s nerve system till she dies.) If you don’t want any VK spoilers, go to thoughts below.

It began when Yagari steps into the academy. Zero and Yuki were summoned to the Chairman’s room, with Zero’s blood placed on the bracelet Yuki had. Kaien explained how the bracelet on Yuki and the mark on Zero’s neck works by tapping on his neck with the bracelet. Red sword-like weapons nailed Zero on the floor and explains more that this method will keep Zero out from his blood temptations temporary and has been used by vampire hunters since the beginning. Zero was also given the blood tablets to surpress his hunger for blood.

Giving a few words to Zero, the Chairman told him that if he needs blood he could suck his blood other than Yuki, but instead of being friendly Zero pounced on Kaien, leaving him to his own business. The injured Kaien (With cracks on the wall.) told Yuki that he entrusts Zero to her or if not Kaname would do something to him. Yuki seems clueless who the person is, with the Chairman stunned at her answer (If my friends sees Yuki acting aloof she would ‘execute’ her, but I think she won’t because she likes Yuki).

TIME-OUT! Let’s go for a break for half-time.

The next day, Yuki and Yori rush into the classroom just in time for lessons and heard some of their classmates gossiping about the new Ethnics teacher coming to class. Right after that the entire class went back to their places as Yagari enters the classroom with the other students asking all sorts of questions (Mostly about himself, personal stuff.). Zero was pretty shocked to see him in class and left after that with Yuki following him out of the room. She soons caught up with him and in a glance outside the gates they saw the Chairman standing. He gives them permission to get out of the school to perform some errands for Kaien, which Yuki and Zero later spend their time in a cafe.

Yuki enjoys her parfait while Zero laments into having Shio Ramen at another stall (Probably the one on episode 3.) Later, she asks Zero if he knows Yagari and tells him that he (Yagari) is scary. A waitress comes and asked if Yuki and Zero knows Aido from the academy, due to the unique atmosphere coming from vampires which she also felt the same way in Zero. He then later brought all the stuff they bought and left the shop, feeling guility on being a vampire and does not except the fact that he’s one of them. He felt a scent after that, dropping all the things on the floor and disappears. Yuki walked out of the cafe later, only to find the stuff on the floor. She began to become worried about Zero and search for him. Finding at many places, she walked through a small pavement, only for her arm to be cut by a broken part of the rails and blood flowing out from her shirt. A Level E vampire attacks Yuki from above and she uses her rod, Arthemis to defend herself.

Now Zero you have ruined Yuki’s day. It’s the only time she had her wings unclipped.

Shocked to hear that her blood was tasty from the Level E vampire, Zero came to the rescue and uses Arthemis to defend themselves. Since Zero is now a vampire he does not reacts very well with the weapon. Just as the Level E was about to attack Yuki and Zero, a sword was stabbed and sliced on the vampire and became sand. The person who attacked the vampire are reveal to be Ichijo and Shiki who came under the orders of Kaname and tell Yuki and Zero to come over to the Night Class dorm at night.

Finally night came and the two Guardians were waiting outside the dorm with Zero telling Yuki to use the gun he borrowed from Kaien, passing it down to her for protection. She denies it, arguing that the Night Class students are good people. She told Zero that if he ever goes berserk she could use the bracelet to stop his movements, Zero told her down that the magic could only work temporary before entering the dorm. Aido and Kain leads the two Guardians to the dorm, as Yuki observed the true faces of the vampires for the first time. She doesn’t feel comfortable about it and leading them to Ichijo, he surprises them with his not-so-vampire attitude to Yuki and Zero. Yuki asks a question to the vampire why he killed the Level E and not the hunters. Aido and Ichijo explains that the Level E vampires are not the same as them and the class system in the vampire society.

Candle light dinner

Let’s invite Impz and his green-haired girlfriend to enjoy the exclusive 1st class candle light romantic dinner!!! And I would like to have the cake for myself.



Yuki starts an argument that Level E vampires are not cruel and knew that they don’t want it to happen. Kaname enters the stage, who orders the two vampires to take down the Level E in the first place. He invites Yuki and Zero to come near him as Yuki sat down on the couch with Kaname, feeling uneasy at first as the other vampires stared coldly at her. She rejects the offer until Kaname insist angrily (Even though he doesn’t sound like it.) and follow his orders obdiently. Kaname pulls her nearer, whispering that staying close to him is the safest. She thanks Kaname for the help, the pureblood tells Yuki that all vampires that are humans before must be destroyed and explains what happened in the past during the war between vampires and vampire hunters. Saying things that angered Zero, he points the Bloody Rose at Kaname as Seiren uses her hand as a knife near her neck. He orders the other vampire to put her hand down and did so.

Interrupting the rather solumn atmosphere, Ichijo reminds the rest about the party to go on. Back at the Chairman’s office. Yagari and Kaien discussed about Zero and what happened earlier when Yuki was attacked by a Level E. Kaien denies that the Night Class students are out in the open and are good students but was ‘shot’ down by the vampire hunter’s words that he knew the fact Ichijo and Shiki were hunting down the Level E in the beginning. Yagari was about to left the office but with Kaien interrupting saying stupid words ‘Him and I, it’s hot, the root of a vow’ using a microphone, Kaien was pounced, AGAIN.

Switching back to the Night Class (Glad that this is about to end.) Yuki and Zero saw the vampires dancing and sucking blood from each other in the case of a couple and Shiki and Ichijo, Zero left the dorm and Yuki followed him. Ichijo and Shiki reveals to the others that Level D vampires are unable to consume blood tablets because their bodies would not take up. Meanwhile Yuki met Zero at the pool with Zero preparing to suck her blood she pushes herself and the vampire into the pool to prevent Zero from sucking her blood temporary. The guardians went up to the surface and behind her was Yagari, shooting at Zero as his blood covers the entire pool. The episode ends when the truth was revealed that Yagari was Zero’s former vampire hunter instructor.


Sorry for the late post as you know, exams in my way (And as a price I’m going to flunk my Math, boo hoo hoo.). And as for the poll Crusader will help me close it as I’ll be away to Australia between the last week of May to the first week of June. I will be announcing the results in mid-June when I return. Anyways, I need more spotlight; I’m not famous but what I think of this episode that it’s somewhere at the beginning in Volume 2 of the manga and the anime follows it without any changes (But with some original content in the first few minutes of the show.). I would say it brings out more tension than the manga which I think the anime should be praised of. Let’s hope nothing ruins it along the later episodes of VK and you get sick and tired of the script as it did for me in Persona -trinity soul- which bores me with its lack of action and doing most of the stuff in their everyday lives.

I saved the entire town

Answer: The Underdogs saved the town, not the vampires.

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  1. Posted May 11, 2008 at 3:54 am | Permalink

    Since RV asked to blog Episode 5, here are my thoughts that I initially wanted to write on.

    I thought that Episode 5 opened a huge can of worms between the vampires and the humans. It is already clear that none of the vampires truly believe in that fragile peace that Kaien believes in. I personally feel that the only TRUE vampire among the nobles that actually has some belief over this peace is Ichijou. Yes, not even Kaname.

    Let me put it this way. Ichijou, despite the influence of Kaname, clearly has this empathy toward humans. Of course, he still has to quench his thirst sometimes with blood (and well, there are always the blood pills), and it is clear that he invited Yuki and Zero without actually wanting to set them up for a trap. Those who believe in conspiracy theories might feel that Ichijou wanted to set them up with a lie, but I think he is thinking purely as a birthday.

    Now, you must be wondering. Why not Kaname? As Kaname has mentioned a lot of times, the peace is simply due to his love of Yuuki. When there is no Yuuki anymore, or that Yuuki is bitten by some silly pureblood vampire, it means that Kaname will forsake the human race. In fact, if you ask me, he has nothing but disdain for anyone other than Yuuki. When it comes down to it, his world is Yuuki. Hence, any argument that he truly believes in peace is made void when the peace is built around Yuuki.

    I also felt that Kaien is making me extremely curious. Among all the characters, I feel that he is the most secretive. It might turn out that his only reason of existence is to be the comedy relief. However, there are many interesting things about him that are unknown. First, it is the reason why he quit being a vampire hunter. I believe that all hunters are conditioned and trained to hate vampires. So, what changed him? Second, why this mansion. Third, why accept Yuuki?

    In addition, I feel that Zero is slowly degrading of sorts. He has started to lose control over his senses at the end of the episode. Whether this might be a huge problem eventually, is another matter altogether. I believe that the powers of “plot deus ex machina” will somehow give Zero some relief.

    Lastly, a question to all through this comment. Who thinks that Zero’s teacher is actually quite cool?

  2. dan
    Posted May 11, 2008 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

    The episode was so disappointing.

    Nothing new happened except Zero getting shot in the shoulder and us getting info on the vampire hierarchy which itself was not hard to guess at all.

    We know that there is bad blood (pun!) between humans and vampires, between vampire hunters and vampires, that the peace is fragile, that Zero does not like Kaname, that Zero is low on the pecking order in vampire society, and that he is suppose to turn into a level E eventually…

    NOW if the story could get on so that we can get something done I would love that

    I can only wait till Zero becomes as powerful as Kaname…. weeee!!!

  3. Posted May 11, 2008 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

    Only 2 comments, thanks for the spotlight.

  4. Posted May 12, 2008 at 1:10 am | Permalink

    Still waiting on english subs…

  5. MangaL0v3r
    Posted May 12, 2008 at 9:52 am | Permalink

    I really feel bad for Zero… this episode was okay.. im really loooking forward for episode 6 and further.. does anyone know how many episodes total.. i heard over 26 right??
    anyways im currently reading the manga =) very good
    and all the Night class students are soo kawaii =DDD

  6. bamboowitch
    Posted May 12, 2008 at 12:33 pm | Permalink

    the birthday party section was my favorite part- nice and tense with some honey sprayed onto it..
    thanks for the post and good luck on maths.. my exam is on this thursday C1 and C2 O.o (I live in the UK) ><

  7. delphyne
    Posted May 12, 2008 at 7:00 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the summary. I read the manga too so I don’t want to say too much, but I’m actually looking forward to episode 6 more.

    Anyway, I think the anime is pretty interesting…just wondering how much of the manga they’re gonna show in the anime…

  8. Posted August 16, 2009 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    kaneme kicks ass,

  9. Posted May 30, 2010 at 2:33 am | Permalink

    vammpire knight rock i love vampire knight i love zero
    love love love
    to talk to me on msn go add me on :[

  10. Posted January 31, 2011 at 1:28 am | Permalink

    i love all the characters of vampire knight expesially zero (he’s so cool) and a little bit like me. poor zero i cryed just watching it. i understand why zero hid his secret but i would die if i kept that a secret for 4 years.

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