56k modem and Round Table…How time have changed things.

I thought I first came into contact with this wonderful band called “Round Table featuring Nino” through Aria the animation. The ED was sung by them and I still remembered how I feel that the peaceful and soothing vocals of the lead singer, Nino, really fitted the relaxing feel of Aria.

Everyone who reads this blog often enough knows that Impz really loves Aria a lot but it seems that my love of Round Table featuring Nino went back a long time ago, where I did not even realize it was them.

In fact, I realize that there was a time, so long ago that I cannot even remember the date, but there is this rather above average anime series called //Hack. Twilight bracelet. I vaguely remembered watching it, since at 2003, Impz only had a very slow 56k modem speed. It is probably unimaginable for most of you who are born with broadband speed on your hands.

This actually came when I saw that 8.5% of my viewers used dial up. It’s a rather significant amount in my humble opinion.

I still remember that my first contact with the internet was in 2001. Then, I was still considered very young by my siblings and was denied the chance to use the computer by mere “lack of knowledge”. That said, I never used the computer for anything because unlike now, there was no usage of computers in school. To me, computers then was a luxury, not a necessity. The only “internet” that I knew was BBS and telnet, not the true internet. Now, we have screenshots that can kill most users going on a 56k modem and we will just laugh at those still using dial up. Perhaps, this is why they called the internet a pervasive medium.

I have to admit that it is now a very big part of my life. Sorry, I digress.

Going back to .hack, I remembered that I was a big fan of the .hack series when the four part series was in the PS2 system. Well, that was until I got seriously bored and annoyed at the fourth CD. Sigh, it is still a big pity that I never managed to find the motivation back to play that game anymore. That is a pity, since I know there are big fans of .hack out there. Xebek, anyone?

Still, when I was searching gendou.com for some more music additions into my library, I was shocked to see Round Table’s name under that series. I downloaded the song, not knowing what to expect. However, when the song is played on my iTunes, I immediately recognised it. I remembered I watched .hack twilight bracelet simply because I was entranced by this song called “NEW WORLD”. That anime was in 2003, as I checked it out under animenfo.com.

So amazing. It is surprising that I can still remember the song almost immediately after watching the series under a whim. I think I only watched 3 episodes of it since that is when CDs are still pretty expensive and that I cannot afford to buy any to download. It is so amusing now to think of the time that I have to watch my download time, simply because I cannot exceed more than 45 hours in computer usage on a 56k modem. I wonder if any of my readers here remember how they watch anime when broadband is not prevalent?

I can’t, since I only jump into the bandwagon when I was in my second year of schooling in university. Hah, I cannot imagine how people will be able to watch anime then without broadband. That is perhaps why most people’s contact with anime before that is television and I can understand why I wasn’t hooked until I started downloading. Hah. I will not go into the debate between dubbed and subbed anime, because it is a totally different topic that can take a whole post.

Still, it is amazing how times have changed. 5 years ago, Impz has no idea what the Internet means and his form of enjoyment is to stare at a square screen called television. 5 years from then, he is still staring at a square screen. However, he is having a blog that is having decent readership, three different types of Instant messengers installed on his computer, an online game called Albatross18, as well as surfing various forums for enjoyment.

I really wonder. What will happen if someone removed the Internet one day? What if the plug on the Internet is taken off? What if the wired world is no longer conscious of its thoughts and shuts down completely?

I guess I am still having the effects of Serial Experiment Lain after 5 years. That, by the way, is the first anime I can remember watching in its entirety.

The strangest anime to start with as an anime watcher, no?

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  1. alkanphel
    Posted December 16, 2006 at 7:28 am | Permalink

    Haha the very first anime I watched was Akira :D

  2. Posted December 16, 2006 at 7:57 am | Permalink

    I loved all of the .hack stuff – had all the games as well, but also never finished the fourth game and sold all of them as a set before I could be bothered.

    Round Table also did the opening for the Chobits anime. They really do some excellent songs.

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