Suzaku Hero of the Soldaten (Long post about why Suzaku is not evil)


Making Lulufags cry the most unmanly of tears. I like that.

So Stripey posted an editorial regarding Suzaku, I would have posted it this there but this ended up being over 2,695 words long. The universal response of Lu-Qaeda (Lovers of Lulu) was pretty much along the lines of Suzaku being a tool, selling out his friend, being a traitor, etc. Most interestingly of all was the term “moralfag” where Suzaku is a contradiction for his holding of the moral high ground while serving an Evil Empire. First off let me be blunt we are all moralfags at one level or another it is the lot of humans ever since God cast us out because Adam and Eve were dip shits. As humans we pretend to be decent people but oh we are capable of cruelty beyond measure and have the ability to justify what we do. There are few among us who have no skeletons in our closets yet most of us would consider our selves by and large law abiding citizens when ever we find that we are in agreement with the law. As a soldier in the service of the American Empire one of the most vilified and hated empires in the world I am acutely aware of what it means to be in Suzaku’s shoes.

Also please from now on keep Iraq out of this…use a real colonial war like the Boer Wars for Pete’s sake. Any post mentioning Iraq will hence forth be deleted Jarmel and wait 321 get a pass for lack of warning.

Suzaku suffers from trying to do the right thing, he doesn’t want to pile on the death toll yet the very nature of his profession demands that his enemies must be slain. In this regard he suffers the moral dilemma that every conscientious soldier faces as long as their nation has a habit of sending them to lands far and wide. I do not expect Impz and his Singaporean conscript brothers to understand. They are not in the business of invading other people nor have they achieved status of Great Satan to illicit the ire of terrorists in the Middle East. As such Suzaku will kill people because that’s what soldiers do, but even I have reservations about killing needlessly for the sake of killing. I do not think that this makes me and Suzaku evil, but rather morally ambiguous. One day I can find my self doing a search and rescue, or providing humanitarian aid. On another I might find myself at an ECP under attack and firing bullets that kill people at people, or end up on a boat filled with refugees with the unhappy task of having to turn them away from American shores (most of these refugees will never set foot on American soil even if they are rescued only to repatriated later). Here is the rather intriguing contradiction, my profession demands that I perform good and evil acts; am I therefore evil or am I just? I prefer to think that most US soldiers regardless of branch and rate are human, capable of both great deeds and great crimes. It should come as little surprise that atheism is generally a rarity for those who serve. Perhaps we are being somewhat hypocritical in asking God to forgive us in light of what we are asked to do for volk and fatherland and if so what of those people who have asked us to kill and turn away refugees? If democracy is the prevailing system in most First World Nations then does not the electorate share the sins committed by their militaries?

Is it so wrong to try and do the right thing even if you are asked to do horrible things over the course of your life? I doubt there are many who can claim to do only good deeds; these same people will profess to be decent people who never want to hurt anyone. Nevertheless they do hurt other people whether they know it or not. Should these people then embrace their dark nature and only perpetuate evil? Lulu has done terrible things under the aegis of creating happy land for Nunnally and avenging his mother. Suzaku has by and large killed only in the line of duty. Suzaku’s victims are for the most part armed terrorists, while Lulu’s victims encompass, both Britannians and Japanese, both military and civilian. Suzaku has only killed those who are capable of fighting back, yet he’s the tool. This throwing around of the label moralfag is to me a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

For Suzaku to be the hateful traitor that he is we must assume that Japan was just and awesome before the invasion by big bad Britannia. Judging by the lack of high tech rubble and the casus belli for the invasion being Japan’s OPEC like activities, I do not think that Japan was a bastion of justice. For them to have alienated their local neighbors and any potential allies before the war tells me that Japan was probably still xenophobic, capable of immense national arrogance by going at it alone, and unscrupulous for ripping people off on energy. It seems that their military funding was cut allowing for technological inferiority. So with the huge stash of energy money and a fourth rate military, I suspect some one was dipping into the state coffers. Granted that the rubble looks circa 1990s, it would also seem that public works were not much of a concern to the previous government. Given the general apathy of those in the ghettoes Japan can pretty much stay dead. It’s always those nationalists and Black Knights stirring up trouble as they bravely hide behind unarmed Japanese that gets them killed. So who is the bigger traitor the guy trying to earn some collective respect while killing off those trouble makers or those Japanese who are fighting for “justice,” though you never asked for it, from behind the cover of unarmed Japanese?


Li- tool of the Japanese and traitor to the Han (current standing – Wang Jingwei level loser), wielder of Anglachel. Suzaku- Tool of the Empire, wielder of Narsil. Lulu- Tool of C.C., wielder of…the tit grabber?

Why is nationalism clearly the preferable way of things when Japan could have joined China’s Federation? In an age of grand alliances and EU why is the notion of Empire that hateful? Empire did bring new anti-earth quake technology to Japan as well as a much more modern city. Unlike old Japan women are more or less equal (at least when it comes to the slaughter) and the underclass no longer comprises of zainichi Koreans, Ainu, Ryukyuans, formerly disenfranchised Japanese, and burakumin. Instead those who do not work do not eat. Class is no longer determined by strictly by birth but by ambition under the new order. Within the new order one can rise in social standing provided you have few scruples and are capable. So what if the Britannians yell at their number auxiliaries? Like any military worth its salt the commander is going to yell at every one, with nary a please. Britannia is not in the business of forcing their rules on any body, rather you play their game you or you get to sit it out and be poor.

We assume that Charles is going to go back on his word, but as long as there is war Charles is going to have some use for Suzaku and Charles is going to have to give rewards to his more capable minions. Charles is not stupid he will probably let Suzaku play his games so long as Charles gets what he wants namely Sakuradite. Charles did not kill his own son for being stupid, or his daughter for being a cripple. What makes his betrayal of Suzaku assured when he doesn’t even kill off Guilford for failing? Charles is going to do it just because Suzaku is an eleven? We don’t even know if he is racist, again we must assume that he is. The key to Charles is that as long as you are not causing problems he does not give two shits win or lose. You do not become top dog by killing off everyone useful to you, and Charles is still top dog. The truly unscrupulous are not racists, they just don’t care. The new order that Suzaku supports is in some ways more egalitarian and just than the old order. Even if Suzaku holds Area 11 for a few years he can easily train a successor or even a whole generation of them, native dominion in Japan does not necessarily have to end with Suzaku provided he is savvy enough to indoctrinate enough Japanese to a level of competence to survive and succeed in the new order.

So Suzaku killed his dad to end the war, therefore Suzaku must be evil at least according to Lu-Qaeda. There is invariably a lot of romanticism when a king refuses to submit when defeat is at hand and insists upon fighting to the last. Well while this sounds all fine and dandy, by what right does one man have the privilege of asking everyone else to die with him? Would it have been preferable for the women and children to throw themselves off a cliff rather than live under occupation? Kururugi the Elder had an obligation to safe guard his people. He failed to provide adequate defense and yet at the end when he demands that his country men all die with him in some futile gesture, he is in the right? In many ways it was the insistence of fighting to the last that earned Japan the honor of being the first and only nation to date to suffer from the nuclear fires of retribution. Pride is a funny thing sure you sound brave in the beginning, but had Halsey’s prophecy come true regarding the Japanese language is only spoken in hell; we shall see who has the last laugh.

Britannia is defined by the survival of the fittest that does not make them by default evil. In fact that makes them much like every other nation state. They have no use for the dumb and the lazy. Universally bigotry is not Imperial policy. They make use of non-Britannians in combat roles and do not go out of their way to kill elevens for sport. Over time it is quite possible that the numbers go away and a Britannian identity takes hold. Given that Villetta and that swarthy mob boss were Britannians it is possible for those not born white and Anglo-Saxon to be a part of the Empire. Britannia is only interested in securing its energy supply. If an eleven wants to help out they welcome the help. If an eleven doesn’t want to work for them then they are free to crave out an existence amongst the rubble and hold onto foolish pride. Britannia does not give handouts to vagrants. So what if they are poor, get a fucking job! If they resist then the Britannians start killing. Clovis operated on the assumption that Lulu and Nunnally were killed by the Japanese shortly after the invasion began, after all an idiot like him could easily be led to believe that the Britannian army was doing all that it could to find them. Cornelia believed that was the case, as did Euphie.

Sadly Clovis was incompetent and when he saw a problem he destroyed it, the problem being all those nasty elevens in the way, those same elevens who killed his brother and sister. For the most part it was just a very incompetent way of ridding himself of a problem, but Clovis never went out of his way to kill them. When they got in the way those stupid enough to stick around when the bullets were flying were of no concern to him. Britannia is not ion the business of making an ethnically pure state as they do not uproot the natives herd them into concentration camps and send in overwhelming numbers of Britannians to repopulate the land. The fact that they kept the Kyoto group around indicates that Britannia opted for indirect rule in their colonies with only a few garrison cities and monopoly on a few key items. Again the Britannians just want the Sakuradite and everything else is secondary. Given that the Kyoto group had ample funds for supporting terrorism and weapons they also share some of the blame for letting those in the ghettoes starve. The Britannians and even Lulu do not care about the majority of Japanese because they are poor and we all know how the poor are treated.

Cornelia only started clearing out ghettos with bullets when those people were providing aid and comfort to the local terror group. Even then the rank and file did not start killing until the order was given and once Zero got away probably just left. Again it’s not racism its just business. Overt racism is not the providence of every Britannian and those who actually act on their racism are few considering how the numerous Britannian infantrymen are not treating the ghettos as Liberty City on their off time. If you are strong you will have a place. Even Cornelia begrudgingly and then unconditionally accepted Suzaku as Euphie’s Knight. Cornelia wanted to win without him but even she acknowledged that he was useful in a fight. Again the capable are to be respected, Cornelia may not like him personally but she never goes out of her way to oppress him either. The Empire is built on strength. The reason why Lulu was thrown out in the first place was pretty much because Lulu wanted his daddy to publicly show grief and mourn for the loss of his mum. Charles can no more show affection in public than Lulu can run a mile. For Charles to show tears in public would be to admit that he was weak. Even if Charles did buy into survival of the fittest he did not rid himself of Lulu right after the attack, nor did he pull the plug on Nunnally while she was in critical condition.

In light of this Britannia for all its talk of survival of the fittest is not in the business of being racist as an institution. Even though the Emperor has to maintain a façade of strength, he did not kill his motherless children, one for being stupid and the other for being a cripple. No public affection is shown, but we can only wonder why he did not end their misery specifically that of Nunnally if giving up hostages was his only priority. Britannians don’t think much of one another as well. When that decadent Babel tower was under siege, anyone and everyone stupid enough not to run or too weak to run sufficiently fast were killed regardless of nationality. In short Japan’s innocence it taken for granted while Britannia is labeled as evil when it is in fact amoral, just like Suzaku.

While there is much criticism of Suzaku’s relationship with Euphie all we know is that he was in love with her. Sure we can blast how little romance blossomed, but in light of the yaoi fodder and the harem it should come as little surprise how a romantic angle got the shaft in favor of showers. Fact remains that Euphie was innocent if naïve it is she who has to suffer the blame for the massacre that followed after her geassing, while Lulu walks away merrily to kill even more people. Lulu doesn’t accept responsibility for what happened but merely brushes it aside and let’s an innocent take all the blame. In this light I can understand why Suzaku wants revenge and for Lulu to feel the fires of retribution. Suzaku is basically Tiberius when Euphie was alive he was full of hope and did as much good as possible to play the game that Britannia held. Once she died a part of him died as well. He is now driven only by the need for revenge and to clear the name of an innocent and as far as Suzaku is concerned if Lulu was able to kill his siblings in cold blood, it is high time the Lulu is forced to deal with a more personal stake in this war he started. So what if Lulu was a friend, Lulu has basically gone off the edge in his quest for vengeance Lulu uses people as pawns he doesn’t care about Japan. Lulu is an asshole, just because he was a friend does not mean Suzaku has to give him a pass when Lulu starts being a dictator and head of the Lulutology cult.

I think Calawain is off when it come to Suzaku being a Marty Stu, which is the male form of Mary Sue. For one thing few are those willing to take up the job of Soldaten, and the moral complications that come along with the job is not for the average man or those prone to sophistry. In my opinion it is far easier to identify with Lulu for his revolutionary stance (granted that few understand the full implications and the misery that revolution can bring) and fully stocked harem. Lulu being the physically weak boy that he is fights like how most otaku would like to fight with their brains, even if said brains are deficient in regards to military matters. Besides Suzaku is not getting nearly as much harem action, and otaku do love their harem.

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  1. Posted May 12, 2008 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

    Sure thing for the edits, besides as Sheryl > Shirley I can forgive you. ;)

    Racism is a funny thing it is no longer permissibble to be openly racist, but nonetheless prejudice is far harder to exterminate than with mere legislation. To say that racism has ended is an underestimation of the depths of human hate. When I mean scaled back I mean that the KKK can no longer lynch people without the law thundering down upon their heads. The fact that the Confederate flag can still be flown and displayed openly means that bigotry is not dead, weakened and anemic yes but it can be revived.

    Being a deposed prince and suffering under racial oppression are two very different things. Lulu does not have a cross burned out side his doorstep, nor does he fear walking in neighborhoods where he doesn’t belong. Lulu is never told to go to the back of the bus. Lulu is shut out from the circles of power that does not mean that he cannot carve out a decent living, open racism however keeps a person down, socially, politically, and economically.

  2. Zanshun
    Posted May 12, 2008 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    “Charles can no more show affection in public than Lulu can run a mile” that was the sentence full of most win.

    I completely agree with your points throughout as I’ve long supported Suzaku. Lulu and Suzaku both make hard decisions, all with moral ambiguity that ideas like right and wrong, just and unjust do not really fit in. My biggest issue with Lulu is that he really seems to enjoy killing Brittains, how many times have we heard his maniacal laugh? Most of them he Geasses into committing suicide which is right in line with the character itself, doesn’t have a feeling about killing or using people but physically doesn’t get his hands dirty, the stain of the dark parts of his deeds never touch him as too often he seems to do things without a conscience.

    And so many people completely forget what he did to Euphie, not only did he end her life but he forever stained her legacy. When we die the memories people hold of us are the last things that we can hope to remain, and well Lulu killed her and killed all she had done and had wanted to do, there can be few things more cruel then robbing someone of their future, unless you are robbing them of their past as well. So well look what Lulu got in return, he got his memory wiped and his past stolen. Guess the lulu-tards just didn’t like the taste of their own medicine, at least Lulu’s wipe didn’t last long and he got to continue to live.

    As for this whole “using” of Nunnally, we all learn its what Nunnally herself wants. Now you might argue that Nunnally would think differently on everything if she knew the whole story, but whos fault is that, who is keeping her in the shadows? Its Lulu and the reason is because the actions he has taken and the reasons he has to justify them are things she would never approve of, and though its nice that Nunnally is there as a nice plot device to be Lulu’s achille’s heel, the truth of the matter is that Lulu is doing the evilest of deeds for himself, when he puts on that Zero mask he becomes a sociopath.

  3. Weddo
    Posted May 16, 2008 at 7:14 pm | Permalink

    I think everyone is taking a fictional story too seriously ;). I’m not going to try to throw in some rants about who is right or not, but rather from the artistic side ie. what they contribute to the whole story I like both Lulu and Suzaku (although Suzaku a bit less, since he is too simpleminded for my taste). Now stepping back to the real life, the main reason I dislike Suzaku is because I know quite well how much chaos traitors can bring when a country is facing aggression from another force. @Crusader with all due respect you probably haven’t witnessed an occasion where your countrymen have started killing their own. It is really a despicable thing, even worse than an enemy force committing massacre. On that note nothing Suzaku does can wash him of this fact, short of becoming the Emperor and giving Japan autonomy :P, but we all know how likely is that and honestly Suzaku will never be of Charles’ caliber.

    As a side rant when you look at it, maybe someone of Xingke Li’s caliber would be better suited for the role of Suzaku, he is very smart and a great soldier

  4. Raiden
    Posted May 17, 2008 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

    WOW, that’s a lengthy discussion. I guess Suzuku is Okubo Toshimichi and Lulu is Sun Tzu. One is a compromiser (or diplomat); the other, a military genius (soldiers are nothing but pawns in the chess of battlefield). This reminds me of the Satsuma rebellion – Which side you choose tells more about yourself than which one is really right. I’m cheering for Lelouch because I really admire great strategists. If he was a real man, he would probably side with General Lee, Napoleon, Sun Tzu, Alexander, Hannibal, Qin Shi Huang and Hideyoshi.

  5. Sasski
    Posted May 24, 2008 at 9:52 pm | Permalink

    I personally like both characters and can see the flaws in both of them. I don’t understand why someone would hate on fictional characters though. o.o;;

    Suzaku and Lelouch both have redeeming and condemning factors in their personal development. I’m not going into either one because I don’t fancy being flamed. But honestly people, let’s not waste our time flaming made-up characters. Take a breath and go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air. :3

    Personally though I was sad when Euphie died. I was starting to like her and then, BAM, she’s gone.

  6. Riddle
    Posted May 26, 2008 at 8:45 am | Permalink


    Well I wouldn’t be surprise if he does kill the Britannian emperor and usurps his power, as I’d think this would be the only way to change the world according to his guidelines, and after reading what was said. Simple foresight brought about by Susaku’s shear will power. Sorry if someone already said this. In the long run of this anime series; Lelouch is going to become like his father and like Light, and die an excruciating death (perhaps due partly to Nunnaly’s death or abandonment), mean while after he dies; the United States of Japan rebuilds and prospers without ever knowing what happen to their savior Zero.

    Oh yea… and Susaku is the Emperor now, and brings about a new era of world piece.

    In terms of Lelouch and Susaku’s strategies on a random side-note. I see Lelouch is working in the micro of things, working from the ground up; while Susaku is working in the macro of the larger picture of things, from the top down. While Lelouch is working through shear brilliance, Susaku is working through shear will power and presence.

    Well I never really was miffed by Susaku until season 2, selling out his best friend, but there WAS all due reason and I bet using him has bait (thus keeping Lelouch alive) and keeping Nunnally safe was his plan all along. Sadly I’m still miffed by that experience unfortunately. Well Susaku in this season has a steely determination now and I think he knows he is going to have to make more sacrifices that will be more damaging than the last, perhaps even killing Lelouch.

    However in terms of Devils and Angels, Lelouch is only doing this rebellion for himself (the end result will be for the promise he made to Nunnally), so he goes on his is selfish vengence spree, using people left and right for the end result, much like the Emperor and his aspect of using people as a means to an end. While Susaku is working for the greater good of all people (an idealist), sacrificing everything, and baring the entire burden necessary to pave the way for a new world.

    As for entertainment value, come on, when it comes to a brilliant rebel leader and complacent Empire boot licker, there is no question which is more entertaining. I mean sure Susaku gets to ride around in a mech all day, but how many of us seen these actions time and time again on shows like Gundam. As for Lelouch, his strategies and the drama he must face are far more appealing (Light died too early, in Death Note). I always find myself listening to the V for Vendetta soundtrack after seeing Lelouch and his shinannigans

  7. Posted May 26, 2008 at 2:18 pm | Permalink

    Suzaku, when given his first mission in lancelot was told to get rid of everyone. He stopped for one lady in the street, sure. However, he took down a whole are with a rediculous number of building full of civilians. Not only that, but if he was going to do some super special thing to change the way things are for all people in the world, how was he going to do it when he had made the stupid decision to die with Zero and take him out. Back when Lelouch had to command him to “live”. Suzaku, makes claims that he’s nowhere near reaching. People who are commited to making something happen, do not die going against what he supposedly hopes to do.

    Also, hasn’t suzaku gotten the emperor alone with him before? If he really wanted to do what he claims, wouldn’t he have assassinated him and taken all his power? SRSLY

  8. Mitchell
    Posted September 24, 2008 at 11:23 am | Permalink

    Well actually, Lelouch did care about the Japanese. He felt that they were in the same position as himself; what with being dominated by the emporer and all. I will not deny that he did use them but he did it as a means of achieving both of their goals

  9. reign
    Posted August 2, 2010 at 1:26 am | Permalink

    hai to all code geass character i lreally love code geass and specially suzaku kururugi

  10. Ryan
    Posted August 6, 2013 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    This guy summed up Suzaku’s problems far better than I can

    To put it bluntly Atari, I disagree on all three points. For your first claim, the theme on Code Geass wasn’t Lelouch and Suzaku’s friendship strictly; it was about their friendship breaking apart because of their seperate viewpoints. You claim I created a “stereotypical black vs. white” rivalry, yet I can count more than one story in which two childhood friends end up on opposite sides and end up killing each other toward the end, which amusingly, happened in CG (if you count Suzaku’s “death”). If anything, I’d say I preserved their friendship here; if you notice, neither Lelouch nor Suzaku went and attacked the other right off the bat. Instead, they had their moment together, in which they both reached out to the other in their own kind of way, yet neither side was willing to budge for the other, and as a result it devolved to them fighting it out. Had it been what you claimed it as, it would have been written like a bad Gundam story, where the two rivals are out to kill each other right when their eyes meet.

    Now for your second claim, that I made Lelouch automatically right and Suzaku automatically wrong. Well Atari, I hate to break it to you, but the way I see it, that is the case, at least on the part of Suzaku being wrong period. As many readers can attest to my telling them, I compare Suzaku helping Britannia to the select Jews helping the Nazis out with the Holocaust, in the belief that they are bettering themselves before the Germans; not only were they aiding an evil empire in oppressing and killing off their own kind, but they were making the evil stronger instead of changing it around. In Suzaku’s case, he debuted by aiding the Britannians’ genocide of the Shinjuku Ghetto, in which he took direct action with the Lancelot in eliminating the resistance forces that were trying to protect it and repel the Brits; in OTL that would be considered a war crime, as he was taking a direct role in an ethnic purging. From then on, Suzaku would take more direct actions to ensure Britannia’s continued control over Japan, which I do not need to list here, and all throughout instead of doing what he claimed over and over (i.e. working through the system to invoke change and make it all better), he only empowered the status quo to the point that the corruption and suffering spread; this would also be considered a war crime in OTL, as Suzaku was directly supporting an illegitimate tyrannical regime in violating human rights. The only exception to this was when he tried to support Euphie’s SAZ, which is another story altogether.

    Of course, putting his activities and track record aside, there are three reasons I’m “punishing” Suzaku here with his insanity and regret over his actions. The first reason is because he knew exactly what he was fighting for; after Lelouch rescued him from Jeremiah’s “parade” in CG episode 4, Suzaku admitted himself that Britannia was corrupt and rotten to its core, or at least agreed with Lulu’s assessment of it. This meant that all throughout CG, he knew he was fighting for the wrong side, yet instead of practicing what he preached and working to change it for the better from within, he only became another one of its glorified bully boys. This culmulated in R2 where he joined the Knight of the Rounds for the sole purpose of taking Japan as his domain; besides the fact there’s no guarantee Suzaku wouldn’t have become the Japanese equivalent of Vidkun Quisling in the administration of his “territory”, it also meant that he was willing to damn the rest of the world to Britannia’s tyranny (as he is here, except I had him admit to what he was doing) for his own objectives. Funny how he claimed Lelouch was driven by lust for power, yet he himself was operating from the same angle of his accusation, which I’ll get to in a minute.

    The second reason comes from Mao’s revelation in CG episode 16, in that Suzaku’s motivations did not come from the needs of Japan, but his shame and guilt over the crime of patricide, and that his real intentions was to die a pathetic death as I had Lelouch say here. You’d think committing seppuku would be the easier alternative, but then we wouldn’t have a story if Suzaku offed himself early on. Anyway, my issue here is, similarly to how R2 Suzaku was willing to hand the world over to Britannia on a silver platter just to gain control of Japan, Suzaku was essentially doing all the things he did for the hope that someone would come along and put him out of his misery. In other words, a grandiose death wish, no different from a kid holding up a high school in the hope that the police would shoot to kill. Picture that if you will; all the death and suffering caused by Britannia thanks to Suzaku’s support, all because deep down inside he couldn’t live with himself yet wasn’t willing to kill himself either. But then, as written here, Euphie came along and all of a sudden he gained a purpose and reason to live on, and even then Lelouch had to Geass him to live because, apparently, that wasn’t good enough for him either.

    And then there’s the third reason, the reason that infuriates me toward Suzaku’s character to no end: his hypocrisy, namely in regards to Lelouch and himself. There is a Bible verse, Matthew 7:5, that claims “Before you remove the speck from your brother’s eye, remove the plank from your own so you can see clearly.” In other words, before you judge others, be sure that you are not guilty of the same crime. In this case, Suzaku fails definitively; from the beginning of CG to its end, he has accused Lelouch of everything short of being the Antichrist, yet many of the things he accuses him of have either been done by or have become character traits of Suzaku himself. Caring only about results? How about oppressing your entire race and other races for career advancement. Using detestable means to achieve ends? I believe aiding a tyrannical regime in subjugating a country, directly opposing the representatives of the legitimate government (which would fall to Kyoto House and/or the JLF at that period) and supporting the clamp downs on the regular citizenry to achieve your own objectives (whether it be the “change from within” BS, the wanting pay for his father’s murder or just wanting daddy’s old business) qualifies. Being foolish? That speaks for itself.

    And yet, what really grates my nerves isn’t even the hypocrisy so much as Suzaku never receiving any repurcussions for his actions like Lelouch did. Say what you will about Lelouch and his deeds, but one thing nobody can question is that Lelouch suffered from guilt and anguish from beginning to end, which in turn was how Zero Requiem was born. Suzaku, on the other hand, never so much as lost sleep over his deeds; the closest that ever happened was in a Sound Drama that I never heard myself, one that depicted Suzaku’s activities in Europe (France I think) and how he despised what he was doing there. Not once did we ever see Suzaku second guess himself, or feel the weight of all those that died and/or suffered because of him; in fact, more often than not he simply passed the blame to Lelouch and made it out like he was “forced” to fight and kill needlessly. Granted, there was the point he FLEIJAed Tokyo, but I’m not sure what he was feeling there; was it guilt over all the deaths he caused, remorse and shame for his own stupidity in taking out a WMD when he knew he was not of the right mind to use it, or did he just flip out when he realized that for all the so-called “right means” he performed, he never once achieved his ends? Judging by his claims to Schneizel and company not much later, I’d say it’s more the third than the other two.

    Either way Atari, it is your stereotypical black vs. white story, but in reverse: specifically, Suzaku, for all the things he did, believed zealously that he was on the side of righteousness and that Lelouch, for all the things he did, was the Evil Overlord that he had to defeat. Not once did Suzu ever see himself as wrong, no matter how much events said otherwise, and not once did he show remorse for his choices (beyond killing Genbu anyway) like Lelouch, the man he accused of only caring about results, had. And at the end of the series, whereas Lelouch paid the ultimate price for his deeds, Suzaku was allowed to live on without once admitting to how wrong he was beyond his “right means to right ends” modus operadi going nowhere, nor receiving repurcussions for his actions beyond his having dispense his name and exist as Zero (which if The Miraculous Birthday and the final Picture Drama are any indication, isn’t as bad as it sounds).

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