My favorite yuri series is back! – Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA Episode 1


Even though the OVA was out for quite a while, I am surprised that no one did any summary for it, or any fanfare even. Hence, I decided to put up a summary and tons of screenshots for this. Hope that you like it as this is part of my service to Maria-sama ga Miteru, one of my favorite high school styled anime series. I really loved this and I will probably do this for the 2nd OVA when it comes, so look forward to it!

With that, the episode summary (extremely long) awaits! Do feedback if you think it’s helpful and want me to continue ^_^

Before thoughts:
Yumi is cute.


Episode summary


Yumi was quarreling with Sachiko as Sachiko said she was unable to make it for the amusement park date, even though she promised. Sachiko said it was inconvenient and Yumi said her weak heart was hurt by it, only to be retorted by Sachiko that a weak hearted person could argue back as they looked to be in a serious argument.

Shimako and her imouto were worried, but Rei said it was just an act as the two became all friendly again. Sachiko then said she had to go to the holiday mansion, while the others have other plans on their own as Sachiko invited Yumi to her mansion for one week. As Yumi and Sachiko left the council’s house, they prayed under the statue of Maria-sama, Sachiko asked whether Yumi wanted to invite anyone like Sei. However, Yumi said that the university now was busy and that she rather spent the time alone with Sachiko and be happy. The news crew in Lilian caught the scene as well and wished that they were able to go and get a big scoop.

The date (Monday) came as Yumi dressed up in a white dress with a green coat, with her brother also nearby due to an outing in his school. Yumi was rather nervous but her brother said it was just going to her mansion. As she waited outside the train, Sachiko came surprisingly with jeans. Sachiko said that her grandfather saw the gift that Yumi had chosen for her during Valentine’s day and bought her this as Yumi thought in her mind that the jeans looked expensive.


Sachiko then told Yumi to go on the car, with Yumi saying that the train entrance was the other way. It seemed that Yumi confused the words “inside the car” and “Before I come” as both phrases sounded similar as they went on the black car to get to the mansion. As they went on the car, Sachiko ate her breakfast and said she needed some sleep as she rested. Yumi then looked out the window, only to see mirages of Shimako and her imouto in the temple visitation and giving her a piece of paper that said “A journey full of perils”.

We then saw the car stopping for ice cream, as they both had a moment of enjoyment before driving into the private mansion of Sachiko, where two elderly people greeted them. It seemed that Sachiko came to this mansion during the holidays ever since she was young. Yumi’s mom also brought some rice, with Sachiko admiring it slightly. Sachiko then continued to pack up and slept for the whole evening, and the elderly woman said Sachiko always did that. As Sachiko woke up in the evening, they had dinner and played some games until midnight as the first day came to a close.

The next day, Yumi woke up, with breakfast already prepared as the elderly lady asked Yumi to wake up Sachiko. Sachiko was lazing on the bed and said she did not want to eat, until she was forced to comply with Yumi’s insistence. Sachiko then told her to wait 5 minutes as Sachiko started to strip, with Yumi frantically leaving, scolding herself for staring when Sachiko started to strip.


As Sachiko arrived down on the table outside the mansion, she had a book which was her holiday homework. Yumi did not bring any as she was reprimanded somewhat by Sachiko as Yumi probably expected to be playing here in the mansion. Yumi was rather bored as she wished she had brought some puzzles along. At night, she wrote some postcards for Shimako and Yoshino, saying that it was standard procedure to bring them during a trip. Sachiko also took the postcards, saying that it would be good if she wrote the address of the mansion.

On Wednesday, Yumi read some books brought by Sachiko, only to have a visitor looking for Yumi. It was her brother as Yumi forgot to take her umbrella. Her brother then said his friends were roaring to go to the town as Yumi got interested (she was bored). Sachiko then told her to go and she would simply stay in the mansion. She also told Yumi not to worry as Yumi left with her brother.

Her brother said Yumi’s face was all “I want to go” and simply not wanting to go due to Sachiko was rather impolite. After some fun, Yumi returned only to see four other girls sitting with Sachiko. Due to the fact that all three girls are all bitches, I will just call them bitch, bitch and bitch. Gomen because it took me four repeats and I still cannot catch their names. They then introduced themselves, with Touko also there. Touho also warned Yumi that the three other girls would be out to trouble and spread rumors about Yumi as they saw her as a threat because she was so close to Sachiko as her imouto.


On Thursday, they had a walk in the misty natural forest, as Yumi realized that Sachiko enjoyed the peaceful environment within. With the mist building up and Sachiko seemingly disappearing, Yumi rushed forward and reached out to her, holding her tightly. They then returned, with one of the bitches asking Sachiko for help in schoolwork. The bitch then said something that she came to the mansion because Sachiko was there and now with Yumi, Sachiko did not care anymore about her and started to cry. Yumi was then asked to leave as the bitch was crying so hard. One of the other bitches arrived, saying that her mother was sick with a flu as Sachiko went over. We then realized it was all an act and that she was asked simply to go for a party.

Sachiko got very annoyed and complained that the “sick” person was happily eating BBQ. She then asked Yumi what the hell was wrong with them, with Yumi close to tears as she could not answer. Sachiko then said sorry that she flared up at Yumi and said that sometimes, it was extremely hard to be herself, dealing with family politics. Sachiko simply wanted to be with Yumi quietly and she liked the mansion because she had spent some happy days with her family, which is why she was here to feel the ambiance. Sachiko then said she would not let Yumi get hurt due to the fact that Yumi was her imouto and it was something she hated to see a lot. Yumi was surprised how calm she was when she saw Sachiko in such an outburst of emotions.

Sachiko actually wanted Yumi to go home but Yumi said that no matter she was happy or sad, she was simply glad to be with Sachiko as Sachiko stuck to the original plan of Yumi leaving on Monday. Sachiko really hated to run away from trouble as Yumi said that was more like her. On friday, Yumi received a letter as she was invited by Yukari (one of the bitches) for a party. On Saturday, the other council members arrived as they got the address from the postcard. They then discussed about the invitation, as Rei said Sachiko would probably go if she was alone but she would be troubled with Yumi around.


Yumi then said she knew that both choices, going or not going would be bad but she decided to stay on. Yoshino then smiled, saying that Yumi was the only person who would jump into a trap knowing that there’s one set up for her. They then discussed about their own holiday plans, as Shimako visited a lot of temples. Rei then complained about a fat woman in the lodging that snored very loudly and that the sleeping quarters were like packing sardines as they eventually left, wishing Yumi and Sachiko well.

Yumi then told Sachiko that she would go with her as they arrived to the house. Before entering, Sachiko asked if Yumi was mentally prepared and she replied in a chirpy manner as they went in. As they entered while Sachiko went to get drinks, Touko came over and said that she already warned Yumi that she would be bullied and ridiculed. She could not be bothered if anything happened and told her to go home but Yumi simply said she would not.

One of Yumi’s male acquaintances (Sachiko’s fiancee?) said that the girls had a severe inferior complex due to their family not being as strong as Sachiko. Considering that Yumi was Sachiko’s imouto, she was considered to be part of the family, hence all the jealous attacks came about on her.


The party was in fact for the grandmother in one of the families, as all the girls started to give gifts and play musical instruments. The grandmother was also in a foul mode since it was clear with all the family politics. By then, both Yumi and Sachiko realized that it was a plot to publicly embarrass Yumi as Yumi was unable to play an instrument. Sachiko was extremely worried about Yumi and told her it’s enough but Yumi simply moved forward.

She then told the grandmother that she did not buy any presents but she sang the song of Maria-sama. Some people were skeptical when she first started but Sachiko started to accompany her voice with the piano as the grandmother started to smile. The song ended, with everyone clapping reluctantly of sorts, since the grandmother liked it.

The grandmother then told Yumi to come over, telling her that the song was beautifully sung as Yumi passed her the flower that was ornamented on her hair. The grandmother then told her to come next year as well, addressing Yumi as angel-san. As they returned back to the mansion, Sachiko teased Yumi, saying that she was worried that Yumi was going to do the ritual dance (in Maria-sama Haru Episode 4) as she started laughing. Yumi was slightly annoyed and shocked, with a “ONEE-SAMA” and that she should stop laughing at her, with the OVA ending with the laughter by Sachiko in the background.



I really found this OVA refreshing, considering how much I miss this series. This is perhaps a very interesting perspective, considering how Sachiko shed her cold exterior completely to Yumi, being totally expressive rather than the aloof person that she shows to all. I am so glad that the relationship of Yumi and Sachiko is shown here as the focus because the other bitches can be seriously annoying.

If I was Sachiko, I will feel extremely troubled because the other girls are simply out to make Yumi suffer. They make Touko look almost angelic (And i was thinking how annoying Touko was in Haru). It is also good to have brief appearances by the other girls in the series, even though I was almost hoping to see Sei, since it was mentioned at the start that Sachiko wanted to invite Sei to the mansion.

That will rock, if that happens, but alas, Yumi wanted only her onee-sama and not the wonderfully cool Sei. Yes, my favorite character in Maria-sama other than Yumi is Sei because their interactions together are just so awfully cute. Sei is pretty much an interesting pervert toward Yumi. Tee hee.

All right, cheers and thanks for the responses! We see how it goes when the next OVA comes out.

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  1. Posted December 15, 2006 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    “…with Yumi frantically leaving, scolding herself for staring when Sachiko started to strip.”

    Ah, so that’s what that bit was about – I thought she was just embarrassed by the situation. Should have guessed really. It’s not the first time Yumi’s done this. It didn’t make it into the anime, but in the first novel there’s a bit where she scolds herself for thinking about Sachiko’s legs like a horny guy. She’s a bit of a letch under that innocent exterior. heh

    Many internets to you, sir.

  2. Tess
    Posted December 15, 2006 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    This was such a beautiful OVA, wasn’t it?

    Now I have a place to look at screenshots for it rather than going through the episode myself a million times. I just find it really inspirational as an artist, with all the calm summer feeling you get out of this.

  3. Posted December 15, 2006 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

    >>One of Yumi’s male acquaintances (Sachiko’s fiancee?)

    Kashiwagi-san =)

  4. silverdirt
    Posted December 18, 2006 at 8:29 am | Permalink

    Thank you very much for summarizing the OVA ^_^

  5. Mindernickel
    Posted December 20, 2006 at 5:33 am | Permalink

    Thank you so much!!!My japanese skills aren’t very good,but I’m happy because your summary proved that I was able to understood more the 50%!
    Are you going to summarize the next OVA’s?I hope so!

  6. Posted December 20, 2006 at 6:51 am | Permalink

    hahahaha, i think i probably will, but Who knows. ^_^

    Let’s see how it goes because i do not generally like to promise anything, tee hee. But if enough people demand for it, why not :P

    And thanks all ^_^

  7. joker_jr
    Posted February 25, 2007 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

    OVA eps 2 released already… I think yumi back being childish after showing little matured on last spring eps….

  8. 0ns1aught
    Posted March 5, 2007 at 1:35 pm | Permalink

    WAIT I HAVE A QUESTION, is this an entirely new series, because I heard that its just a few extra episodes on a DVD or something.. please answer T_T

    also, my fav anime too!! :D

  9. MarsBattyAngel=^-^=
    Posted March 29, 2007 at 10:06 pm | Permalink

    *squeee* I looooved the series and I was so relieved when I found this post, because at the time I could only find the RAW version and my Japanese still sucks big time T_T

    Now I’m using it as a ref for my entry-to-be for the blogger-idol-contest… although I still say that I can manage better to just translate what’s already there

  10. Posted June 4, 2007 at 1:28 pm | Permalink


  11. ediane
    Posted June 25, 2007 at 10:38 pm | Permalink

    i rilyluv it,,i hope i can watches it,,,

  12. jesus
    Posted June 28, 2007 at 7:37 pm | Permalink

    no he bisto el ova, pero si la primera y segunda temporada y esta genial
    megustaria que pusieras el resumen de los 5 ovas simas no me equiboco que tiene Maria Sama Ga Miteru.

  13. Ishmael
    Posted July 11, 2007 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for this summary… I read just enough to determine that Yumi’s party experience would indeed turn out well. I had guessed it would, but I get pretty worked up over that sort of thing, so I wanted to be sure. ^^

    This really was an awesome OVA. The series continues to delight with the sheer accuracy of the human interactions… something so sadly lacking in most drama-type anime.

  14. Posted March 9, 2009 at 12:20 am | Permalink

    this season is so amazing….maria sama ga miteru is my favorite anime is amazing and is cool see together (yumi and sachiko) XD

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