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The THAT Blog was founded on August 10, 2006 by a group of avid anime lovers. The name “THAT” (an anachronym forThe Anime review site that Has great fanboyism over the Almighty Megas-good Tsuraya anime blog) was initially coined by one of our founders known as Impz, and serves as the name for our blog. There were four original founders of THAT, namely Alkanphel, Jooo, Mr Admin and Impz. Out of these four, only Impz is left. Read about our old bloggers here in the old About THAT page. THAT Blog is here to provide an insight into the various ongoing anime and manga series in the world. We are a diverse team blog that aims to bring you different perspectives of anime, and makes sure that good writers have a platform to expose their writing to readers who are able to interact in an intelligent manner (and sometimes fanboyish/fangirlish manner). All in all, we try to make sure that you are entertained. That’s why you are reading our blog, right? The current layout (v4.0) utilizes a modified version of the Thematic theme.

Active bloggers in THAT


Like to be known as – Impz, Impzy, Impzie

Role in the blog – Head Honcho, Slave Driver, Formatting Nazi and NOT a Trap.

Enjoys – Shoujo, Romance, Slice of Life, Horror, Comedy

Dislikes – GAR, Mecha, Gore, Blatant fanservice, Harems and Retarded Moe

Fill in the blanks, Life … – is really fun at times, but generally screws you up.

I am … currently working as an Education Policy Analyst in the Ministry of Education, Singapore. I am concurrently attempting to complete my Master’s degree of Media Economics. My personality is quite laid back in nature and I am generally lazy and procrastinate over every single thing that I can get my hand off. I also have a wife by the online nick of Thirteensugars, who usually annoys the hell out of me but is perhaps the cutest and most wonderful woman I will ever meet. I am supposed to be the head honcho of the blog, but all that means is that I do most of the work that no one wants to do.

Most hated anime of all time – Kimi ga Nozomu Eien OR Grave of the Fireflies. I can’t decide which set of main characters I wish for them to die more.

Blogging motto – If no one is blogging it, I will be the likely stupid person to blog it.

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Like to be known as – Crusader

Role in the blog – NKVD (anti-troll police), Destroyer of Spam, Episode Reviews, Comrade Angry

Enjoys – Shoujo, Romance (the old definition, i.e. Romance of the The Three Kingdoms), Mecha, Comedy, spreading the gospel of Schwartz and Almighty Zeus

Dislikes – Emo, Terrorists, Impudent Infidels, Self Righteous bastards under the age of 18

Fill in the blanks, Life … – Life is too short to spend crying about perceived personal tragedies.

I am … a sailor in the pay of the United States government. I attended UCD for way too long and got mobilized to the suck shortly after graduating. I majored in Microbiology, I also minored in East Asian Studies and English. Long time fan of animu, and fervent gamer spanning Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360, and my brother’s PS3. Still playing table top miniature war games after nearly a decade despite the atrocious pricing polices of Games Workshop.

Most hated anime of all time - Tie between Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and the Evangelion (pre-2000)

Blogging Life motto – In the absence of orders go find something and kill it.

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Like to be known as – ExecutiveOtaku, EO.

Role in the blog – Episode blogging, Retroblogging, occasional editorials, reference addict, and part-time shipping warrior.

Enjoys – Shoujo, mecha, jousei, sci fi, drama, comedy, parody, pretty much anything that’s well written.

Dislikes – Gratuitous fanservice, uninformed attempts at real life geopolitics (Gundam 00 I’m looking at you!), emo with no purpose/reason.

Fill in the blanks, Life … – “Life is a tragedy to those who feel and a comedy to those who think.” – Horace Walpole.

I am … – A “lord of war” as Crusader calls me (defense contractor), a huge nerd of many varieties, and writer for THAT since July 2009.

Most hated anime of all time – Gundam SEED Destiny. Not for the reasons most people hate it though. What I hate about it was that the first 18-ish episodes were damn good, could have led to a story better than anything in the UC universe, and then it all went to hell and trainwrecked. There are worse shows, but the way SEED Destiny ruined what could have been amazing is unforgivable.

Blogging motto – When one stares long into the fandom, the fandom stares back!

Decorations and Awards - Macross Lifer Cross (awarded by Square on 4 May 2010 for completing the Macross canon…even Macross 7.) Contact – Email: executiveotaku AT gmail DOT com, Twitter: ExecutiveOtaku, my Tumblr

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Kingdom Hearts 2 Open Signature (RV)






Like to be known as – Reverse Vampire, or just RV ’cause my full name’s too cumbersome for anyone lazy to type.

Role in the blog – Episode reviewer, sometimes writing my own editorials and other non-episodic stuff, review on games and misc, fan of VOCALOID songs in Nico Nico Douga.

Enjoys – Not-very cheesy shoujo, a bit of slice of life that is not overly boring, action, comedy, fantasy that really makes sense, video games (Not really anime adaptations of games) and other anime that I think that worth my time. See entire list here.

Dislikes – Stalkers, overly-hyper fangirls, hentai, bad animation with bad plot.

Fill in the blanks, Life… – is never fair. Get used to it.

I Am… a girl who had just complete her examinations and trying her best to get a part-time job as a music tutor and go to various houses to teach little kiddies how to play the piano and theory. And oh, I am currently a Grade 8 ABRSM (Practical) cert. holder and a soon-to-be Grade 6 ABRSM (Theory) cert. holder. So that I can go buy the Sims 3, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, a PSP and various other games that I have been eying on for a very long time. Yes, I am quite lazy at home, due to me not writing any entries due to my papers for almost 11 months, but a diligent student at almost anywhere else.

Most Hated Anime of All Time – Code Geass (And every country that is ruled by Britannia will sink into the depths of the five oceans.)

Blogging Motto – Remember, if you don’t feel like continuing writing the entire series every week, don’t do it. You’re not paid to update anything in this blog. (Thumbs up)

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Likes to be known as: ghostlightning (but has been called GL, ghosty, ghostlight-nyan)

Role in the blog: “editorialist-in-residence” and unsolicited opinion provider

Enjoys: Robots, Swordfights, Robots in Swordfights, Gunfights, Robots in Gunfights, GAR, Robots with GAR pilots, Robots that are GAR, moe~

Dislikes: Haters

Fill in the blanks, Life… can be extended indefinitely through advances in robotics, but who wants to live forever?

Most hated anime of all time: Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam.

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Likes to be known as – Hana

Role in the blog – Episode summaries and commentaries, plus the occasional editorial.

Enjoys – shoujo, josei, slice-of-life, comedy and mystery anime and manga. Also like reading, writing and watching arty-farty stuff, desserts, baker boy hats, eye make-up, playing guitar and listening to Indie music.

Dislikes – insensitivity and ignorance.

Fill in the blanks, Life … is not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

I am … a London-based F.E. College Lecturer. Sounds more fancy than it is.

Most hated anime of all time – anything that is mainly mecha, ecchi or harem crap.

Blogging motto – write when you’re inspired and be original. If you can’t wait for inspiration, go after it with a club. If you can’t be original, be personal.

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Likes to be known as – Chronolynx, Chrono, CL

Role in the blog – Editorialist

Enjoys – A little bit of everything. Special love to sci-fi and fantasy, though.

Dislikes – Poor writing, stupid dialog.

Fill in the blanks, Life … is a struggle of wills, competing for a fish.

I am … a student of mathematics, with a penchant for reading, writing, and watching anime.

Most hated anime of all time – The Sacred Blacksmith. Because Manglobe can do better.

Blogging motto – Make connections.

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Likes to be known as – JohnnyYandere.

Role in the blog – Episode reviewer.

Enjoys – Anything with troll potential. I am a situational conformist. I’d force myself to enjoy Gundam if it meant I could annoy someone else. But on my off-days, slice-of-life, mystery, maybe a bit of moe fluff.

Dislikes – Mecha and adventure, generally. But anything with hype. Especially overblown hype.

Fill in the blanks, Life … for all its flaws, is full of awesome things. All we need is a different perspective.

I am … a student of Banking and Finance, and of the Japanese language. An ex-Star Wars fan who can’t seem to get all that information out of his head. Also, I’ve been spending too much time on Ace Combat Assault Horizon recently.

Most hated anime of all time – Right now, Madoka. Because of the hype and the fans. It seems to me that half the fandom is “DERP MADOKA IS BEST ANIME OF YEAR, ALL YEARS” and the other half is “I do believe that Madoka epitomized the truisms of adolescence Nietzsche Nihilism Judeo-Christian Madoka is the best anime of the year, for all years.”

Blogging motto – But you CAN be honest/insightful/offensive and entertaining at the same time!

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  1. Posted June 28, 2012 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    Hi Guys,

    Long time reader (back even before the great site migration) and I thought I’d just share this video I created to start a discussion on things anime should stop doing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0QVJ0JlWwc It’s mostly an opinion piece but I think you guys would appreciate and have fun with the topic. Thank you guys for the literal years of entertainment.

    — Chris

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