Kokoro Connect episode 11 – Fountain of Youth

New arc, and a new phenomenon affecting the characters. And a new revelation about Heartseed, as well as (possibly) the focus on Aoki that I’ve been waiting for. Characters are now reverting to their younger selves, a a preset time each day but at to a random age. Though it’s not that straightforward, as the age-reversed characters act just as they did when they were that age and then remember nothing upon reverting to their normal selves. Those that stay their current age then start seeing their friends as they were years ago, and with this comes some memories and information that had been forgotten or kept private from the others.

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Tari Tari – 12: The Velvet Underground


I guess there is no low that the landlord will not stoop to, it’s such a shame that Sawa can’t trample him to death after riding him down. It’s bad enough he’s taking down the school, but now he’s stealing building material and taking their lunch money. If the bastard gets strung up on a light pole I for one would spit on the corpse and let his secretary eat his rotting flesh. Still while the lesser students are already surrendering the Choir Club has rallied and recruited some allies for their glorious cause. Konatsu might be the smallest of them but she was on fire this episode getting the sewing, art, and some other club to go along with her plans. Hirohata got rolled yet again but it’s a good thing for her that Konatsu is more than willing to forgive. I hope that Hirohata repays Konatsu’s kindness and makes amends for all of her past transgressions.

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous episodes 05-06: My Little Manager is Definitely This Cute

Too. Freaking. Cute.

A little late (sorry folks, more bulk reviews of the remaining episodes to follow), but here goes… After epi 4’s body-swappy flavoured cliff-hanger ending, I thought epi 5 really delivered not only on the romantic tension and comedic intervals fronts, but it was also gorgeously animated, and epi 6 did not disappoint either…
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Tari Tari 10- 11: Winningest Wein

Love will never die.

Wein had is day in the sun and while most of the Shopping District Ranger act was goofy and silly, at least it was fun, even if the Choral Club was dying to rat them out. Quite why the Choral Club needs to worry about what others are doing is beyond me but the bitch that leads them needs to be punched in the mouth. The Choral Club shouldn’t have any beef whatsoever as they get paid for doing nothing to start, but I guess the privileged know-it-alls take issue with an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Wein might never be the hero he wants to be but at least he is not lacking for courage with this big time tackle against a thief. There is low and then there is rock bottom low, and stealing from a student is pretty damn low in my estimation. I bet the thief was working in league with the Choral Club as there wasn’t going to be a lot of money in there.

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Kokoro Connect episode 10 (and brief remarks on 8-9) – Damn the Iori Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead, Ms. Inaba!

The Kizu Random arc  has been a great ride, and in this post I’ll be catching up on recent developments and focusing on the culmination of the the arc, episode 10. First off, BAM! Take that, Iori fans! My ship now sails boldly into the future with wind in its sails and cannons loaded! Not only did Inaba get basically an entire arc focusing on her, she’s now come to openly admit her feelings for Taichi, both to herself and to him. Though in the end it took pushes by both Heartseed and Iori to get her to this point. This wonderful, GLORIOUS point.

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Rinne no Lagrange S2 – 10: Tainted Heart

Digiburio is not a Galactic Hero…

Well I did not see Dizelmine being the tainted heart coming, well played Moid, well played. Guivini really dropped the ball on this one. Instead of sharing his bits of intel with anyone else it seems that the ever faithless dog chose to be keep faith at the worst possible time. Clearly Guivini is no Galactic hero and can barely pilot let alone command a fleet. Whatever Dizelmine’s faults are he is anything but a slouch and his attack achieved total surprise. I am not sure why Dizie wants to kill Guivini so bad, but it could be that back on U-Go Guivini did something he shouldn’t have and now Dizie is rip roaring and ready to tear out Villabulio’s throat.

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Rinne no Lagrange S2 – 09: Dizelmine’s D-Day

How about “I do” ?

Moid be a moving, but thankfully Queen Asteria Maycun is still on the job and is set on hunting him down, unfortunately Dizelmine has some yandere left in him. I don’t know how sordid the history is for the Villabulio and Dizie but clearly the latter has plenty of hurt feelings that Moid was able to exploit. I am glad that they are bringing in a bit of mystery with what happened 20k years ago, there was a diaspora but how Earth “died” should be interesting to see. Unfortunately for the Jersey Club this means that they will have to fight again, worse still Dizelmine has a real invasion fleet heading towards earth. Lan-hime will likely face some hard decisions when she sorties, but I hope out hope that Queen Asteria Maycun will reclaim her right to the throne of La Garite.

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Tari Tari – 09: Heroes Wanted

I guess that’s one way to save on shipping…

Wein steps up to the plate and seizes the mantle of Red Ranger. I am a bit bewildered by why they don’t go into a childhood memory for Wein off the bat but maybe he has more baggage than meets the eye. I suspect that Jan could be very ill or if nothing else seems to have moved since Wein left. Hopefully Jan is still around as Wein hasn’t moved, but the lack of correspondence is cause for some concern. Sawa seems to have moved on from the rejection letter. I am sure that Wakana and Konatsu will help Sawa forget the disappointment. Shiho seems to be ruling the local merchant guild with a steadier hand and makes the Music and Sometimes Badminton Club an offer they cannot refuse. The money is nice but Wein is in it to be a hero of justice.

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Rinne no Lagrange S2 07-08: Fists of Fury

Clearly Dizelmine doesn’t have a six pack…

Madoka prevails as she forces a truce between the onerous onii-chan leadership with a wonderful demonstration of force. Yes, someone somewhere is bemoaning how might should not make right, that person is an idiot better to settle things with fists, it’s not like talking got them very far anyway. Sometimes you just have to smack stupid people around to make them see some sense. Sadly it seems that Dizelmine took one step forward and then three steps back when he finalized a deal with Moid. Yes the eyes wide shut eater of disgusting yogurt combinations will be the Final Boss. I had begun to think that Dizelmine would be the Final Boss but it seems that the king is actually a mere mid-boss. At least that will open up an avenue of redemption for him while I am sure Asteria’s vengeance on Moid will likely be total and uncompromising.

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Kokoro Connect episode 07 – Let It Out

Losing one’s temper seems to be the easiest way for the new ‘unleashing’ effect to cause problems for the characters, and this week Inaba lets loose a lot after Yui falls into some sort of crisis. To my delight, the Kizu Random arc is focusing mostly in Inaba, and she was the crucial or central character in most of the scenes. But Taichi was also effected as emotions ran high, and (also to my delight) we got a lot of moments between him and Inaba. My ship will not be denied!

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