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A Time to Gloat — Despite the Absence of the Variable Fighters, All is (not) Right in the World: The End of Sai Mecha

Screenshot of my browser tells one story, but Sai Mecha isn’t Sai Mecha Anime, so I had no problem voting robots like the Gunbuster over the Unit-01 Test Type, of course the Variable Fighters of Macross… but I equally had no problem voting for it over the Tachikoma, or over any Gundam in the tournament. […]

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This May Be The Last Chance (To Gloat, To Sing High Praises, To Celebrate Victory): The VF-1 May Not Get Past The Evangelion Test Type Next Round, But Let Us Remember Love For What It Did to the Sinanju in Sai Mecha

Macross’ mecha proved something very important. Without Minovsky Particles, Gundams, Mobile Suits, Armors, Capitol Ships, Every Close-Range Attack Craft in its franchise, is frickin’ TOAST against even conventional weapons. Minovsky Particles render contemporary guidance systems useless, requiring combatants to fight in visual range. Otherwise, it is stupid beyond reason to devote research and development to […]

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