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Tank Tactics pt. 3: A day at the Races

Welp. Girls und Panzer certainly one-upped themselves with this fight. They’ve managed to do a lot of things right, and even though they have several parts rather wrong, it’s still a great and entertaining effort. Unfortunately, the deciding moment is pretty much a clone of Ooarai’s match with Saunders. What’s special about this match is […]

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Tank Tactics the 2nd: America Strikes Back

In which I go over the use of informational warfare in the Ooarai vs. Saunders match. That drone could have decided that match. And in a way, it did. The match starts off with the M3 Lee scouting in a forest in what seems to be the right flank. They see a group of enemy […]

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A closer look at Tank Tactics in Girls und Panzer: St. Glorianna vs. Ooarai

           Hello and welcome to the second of two series of posts I plan to be doing on the show “Girls und Panzer”, this one will take a closer look at the tank battles in the show and how I felt they handled them tactically. This first post will be a […]

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