Reflections on a 3rd Year of Fangirling…

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Hello, loves! It’s been a while, but I couldn’t let my 3rd blog birthday pass without something to mark the occasion. Basically, the last twelve months have been mega busy on the personal and work fronts, which meant that I fell behind with watching and blogging the more recent shows. However, I shall quickly add before I get booted off the team that I have in fact been watching (or re-watching, in some cases) lots of classic anime, and some other fun series that finished airing in recent months/ years. These include: xxxHolic, Natsume’s Book of Friends, Baccano!, Mushishi, Gankutsuou, Bartender, Humanity has Declined, Paranoia Agent, Tatami Galaxy, and Emma (still watching the last two in fact, so no spoilers please!). Clearly, many of these shows are also known as ‘AWESOME’, and so I thought I’d do something a little different in this year’s anniversary post and write my thoughts on one of these instead: Gankutsuou. (Warning: contains light spoilers.)
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Haiyore! Nyaruko W 02-03: Monkey Business

That’s one way of explaining online dating.

I nearly laughed myself to death this week, I did not think anyone would have remembered Library Wars from back in the day when Impz still blogged, but apparently the production staff remembers love for it. However, I cannot help but be a little disappointed that the protectors of the Celano Library were squaddies with guns and not some dread guardian who drives intruders and interlopers MAD. I am not sure how to feel about Kuuko turning into a switch hitter it kind of dilutes her unabashed pursuit of Nyaruko a bit. If nothing else it kind of highlights how Kuuko and Nyaruko have so much in common. I was surprised that the Celano Library was still full of books and tomes, but I suppose that either the powers that be despise e-readers with a passion or they simply prefer their forbidden knowledge to be weighty and bound by the skins of unfathomable creatures.

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Haiyore Nyaruko-san W – 01: There is No Escape…

Give yourself to Nyaruko…

Hell quarter is over for me but Mahiro is going to be in a very special place for another season. Nyaruko is still set on the plans of conquest and is already declaring her total victory to be inevitable. Still I do wish that they were stuck in some alternate dimension where they are in Bewitched. I confess I was whooping for joy but sadly there was no nose wag, it would have been fun to see Nyaruko’s Mom in such a setup. Sadly it was all a fake video and this time we will have new OP and ED themes. The first one was catchy, but new ones are kind of growing on me like lichen and moss on some abandoned cabin in New England. I am very much intrigued though as it seems that we will not only have a new friend joining Luhi, but we may have minions as well. One can only hope that this is the beginning of some cult…

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The Bad Guys Won, But There May Be Hope: Thoughts on the Ending of Shin Sekai Yori

[UTW]_Shinsekai_Yori_-_25_[h264-720p][F280761E].mkv - 00003

Through the latter half of Shin Sekai Yori it’s been evident how terrible the human society of villages has been not just to their own people, but to the other major, intelligent inhabitants of the land. And even if Squealer’s rebellion was indiscriminate, one could definitely understand why he and the other bakenezumi did what they did. And the world might be better off without humans warping the world around them with Cantus leakage, creating all sorts of dangers and mutations. And as if this didn’t weigh against the humans enough, most of their leadership and the majority of the rest of the villagers refused to learn from what happened, slipping to depths of even more barbaric cruelty in the trial and sentencing of Squealer. So the bad guys won. Though hopefully people like Saki and Satoru can find another way to change things besides wars of genocide.

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Minami-ke Tadaima – 08: Veggie Tales…

Little did Natsuki know that a legion of Haruka fanboys were in a frothing RAEG.

Well I suppose the post for the older episodes can wait because it isn’t often that Hayami-sempai is the one on the wrong end of Hosaka. I am all for healthy eating but I think that the Headless Horseman is advancing some wicked vegan agenda. Nevertheless with less tourists heading to New England these days I suppose we should be glad that an otherwise unemployable tourist attraction has resurrected his career on a kids show. Still since the power of the Headless Horseman is most fell and dread I wonder why Kana seemed immune… After all if those powers of persuasion altered Hosaka why didn’t they alter Kana if mental obtuseness between them both is relatively the same? Perhaps the Headless Horseman was still getting the rust off his Jedi mind tricks?

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Notes on Being an Adult: Where the Nine Hells Can I Find a Time Machine?

So yeah instead of focusing on a few addictions I picked up a new one…

So I am not really dead yet but I have managed to fall off the face of the Earth for the better part of two months now. No, I am not calling it quits but it seems that EO and Hana are having a merry old time sipping tea with the Queen of England. Hopefully they will be back soon, but I can’t fault them for no longer being starving students. Having finally achieved one year of full employment I thought I would have more time, but buying and renovating a house was more trouble than I had anticipated, and it didn’t help that my crappy car (my Kingdom for a Prius!) had two major breakdowns and as of this date still is in the shop (egregious home loan means that I cannot get a decent car loan without getting gouged). As problems go they aren’t insurmountable and hardly qualify as soul crushing, nevertheless I cannot wait to be rid of them. I wonder if there is really a way to balance work life and keep this place running, but I am still paying a hosting bill and have yet to figure out how to make the time to do much. Suffice to say there will likely be recruitment drive soon because there must be some college student out there who is looking to pass the time cheaply. Until then I suppose this will have to serve as a means to get the ball rolling again.

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EO’s Weekly Revue – Week of February 4

[FFF] Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - 06 [E794FBFC].mkv - 00000
Caught up and ready to go with another week’s worth of anime, I have to say that it was an eventful week for some of the shows I’m watching.

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EO’s Weekly Revue – Week of January 28

[DeadFish] Kotoura-san - 04 [720p][AAC].mp4 - 00000

Four weeks into the season and I still wasn’t sure what to blog, so I figured I’d go with EVERYTHING! Well, in a much shorter format, but basically, I’ll be writing briefly about every show I’m watching this season as it goes, which currently stands at: MaoyuuKotoura-sanTamako MarketShin Sekai Yori, and Minami-ke: Tadaima. So here’s my thoughts on the shows thus far, and a weekly comment on each. Winter season has had a few shows I ended up surprised about.

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Secret Santa Review – Idolmaster

[Chibiki]_THE_iDOLM@STER_-_20_[720p][EA4ECCC9].mkv - 00005

If your Christmas tree is still up, it’s not too late to post on Secret Santa! Every year for a while now, Reverse Thieves has done an anime Secret Santa project where you sign up, receive a person to pick three shows for, and someone else secretly gives you three recommendations. This year I gave out series to Nazarielle (who picked xxxHolic), and received The Idolmaster, Yuru Yuri, and Kujibiki Unbalance from Kevo. I’d wanted to check out Idolmaster for a while, mostly due to the harassment recommendations from CrazyDave and Aeroblip. Plus I’d tried Yuru Yuri when it aired and it wasn’t for me, and everyone, EVERYONE I talked to on Twitter said that Kujibiki Unbalance was terrible even if you liked Genshiken. So Idolmaster it was, and I have to say that while I’m not as in love with it as many in the Greater AniBlogoTwitter Realm, I did enjoy it quite a bit.

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Tank Tactics pt. 3: A day at the Races

Welp. Girls und Panzer certainly one-upped themselves with this fight. They’ve managed to do a lot of things right, and even though they have several parts rather wrong, it’s still a great and entertaining effort. Unfortunately, the deciding moment is pretty much a clone of Ooarai’s match with Saunders.

What’s special about this match is that you can smell Ooarai’s big mistake way before the match even starts, even the dimmest of people should be able to see what’s going to happen when Miho listens to her team’s “idea” of essentially running straight at the enemy as fast as they can, if not when she specifically notes that Pravda’s specialty is counterattacks in her notes.

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