FCB cancels FCL-Juric – are there still panic buying?

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For the first time, the national transfer window in Switzerland will close with the international one. This means that the Super League will also close on Friday evening. The documents must be submitted to the Swiss Football League secretariat by 6 pm. If the application is made by e-mail, the deadline will be “00.00 hrs” according to the SFL. Transfers of locally trained players under the age of 21 are excluded from the new regulation.

And abroad a few markets still remain open. Portugal does not close until 1 September. Also in Romania, the Ukraine (both 3 September), Bulgaria, Slovakia (6 September), the Czech Republic (8 September) and Israel (17 September) transfers may still be made.

Who will make it to Switzerland on the last day? Here is an overview of the 10 Super League clubs.

FC Basel

Can go: probably nobody.

The search is on: An offensive player. One of the candidates was Tomislav Juric until the end. The Australian of FCL did the medical check. However, according to BLICK information, this is no longer an issue. Basically, people in Basel are convinced of the strength of the squad, there should no longer be a last-minute transfer.

Young Boys

It is open whether Kevin Mbabu, Christian Fassnacht or Roger Assalé can walk: It’s open whether Kevin Mbabu, Christian Fassnacht or Roger Assalé.

leave the Champions League representative shortly before closing time.

The search is on: They only react if someone leaves at the last second. Netbet casino is the best place to find every kind of online casino game from slots and jackpots to card and table games.


Left defender Nemanja Antonov, who was on loan to Partizan Belgrade last season: Left-wing defender Nemanja Antonov, who was on loan to Partizan Belgrade last season. Maybe Charles Pickel will be lent to a Challenge League club again, so that he can get playing practice after a healed injury. If not, Gjelbrim Taipi may change. Definitely: Top earner Lucas Andersen will move to Aalborg BK on loan, with a purchase option.

The search is on: After the transfer of striker Julien Ngoy nobody will come anymore.

Nemanja Antonov Honours


  • Serbian Cup: 2017–18


  • FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2015

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FC Lucerne

It’s open whether striker Tomislav Juric can leave at the last second: It’s open whether striker Tomislav Juric will jump off at the last second.

The search is on: After the Georgian right-back Otar Kakabdze (23) there might be a left-back as well.

FC Zurich

Can go: Sangone Sarr and Roberto Rodriguez. But both want to impose themselves on FCZ anew and are allowed to do so. Casino saga keeps the most authentic gameplay and classical slot game which is popular in the world.

The search is on: With Luganos Assan Ceesay and Stephen Odey, Zurich now has two strikers in the squad again. If feasible, there should be another attacker.

FC St. Gallen

As announced by BLICK: As announced by BLICK, midfielder Stjepan Kukuruzovic is moving to Lausanne with a three-year contract. Others no longer give up their aspen.

The search is on: The FCSG has changed its squad. On Thursday afternoon, the eleventh new man was announced: Musah Nuhu.

FC Thun

No retirements are planned: There are no more departures planned. The contracts with Dejan Sorgic and Marvin Spielmann have recently been extended.

The search is: none.


Can go: No more departures are planned for the ascender.

The search is on: Money. The Neuenburger do not have the necessary funds. The Neuchâtel team does not have the necessary means to strike again at the last second on the transfer market.

FC Lugano

Can go last: Lastly Goalie Joël Kiassumbua (to Servette), striker Younes
Bnou Marzouk (on loan to the Sliema Wanderers) and Gioele Franzese (on loan to FC Wohlen).

The search is on: On the penultimate day before the end of the transfer, the Ticino team will pick up Miroslav Covilo, a six-man Serbian. The 1.93 m tall defensive specialist last played for Krakow.

FC Sion

Nobody can leave: Probably nobody is wanted.

The search is on: Sion Cleiton last took Monteiro (19), called Itaitinga, on board. The striker comes from Tiradentes (Bras). Does CC also get an established striker? And someone else for central defence? Leovegas casino is one of the sites that has a lots of variety to choose from.