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You might be a big fan of anime. Still, there are lots of things to learn about it. It has a deep history and there are some interesting facts about this popular medium that might fascinate you. Here we are going to discuss some interesting facts about anime.

About 60% of animation is anime

Do you think anime is only for the Japanese? You are wrong. About 60% of the world’s animation is anime. It is popular among the western audiences as well. It is shown as televisions show in many countries all over the world.

Code Geass and pizza

You must be wondering why the Britannians in Code Geass eat pizza so much. The reason is that this anime was funded by Pizza Hut. The Pizza Hut logo was also used. But in the English dub release, the logo was removed due to legal constraints.

7400 episodes series

The anime Sazae-san has more than 7400 episodes making it the longest running anime. The episodes in this series are very short; it runs for six minutes only. Among the 25-minute episode series, Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi is the longest one having more than 1400 episodes.

Anime character with 22 different voices

In the anime series ‘Is This a Zombie?’, the character Eucliwood Hellscythe had 22 different voices; one new voice for each episode. Though the character hardly speaks, the series has various fantasy segments where Eucliwood speaks with a different voice.

Academy award

The anime series ‘Spirited Away’, won the Academy Awards. It was produced by the famous filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. He also made Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke which were included in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

These facts are truly fascinating and prove the popularity of anime series and movies. Anime is now liked by people all over the world. The industry is growing with more studios coming up producing anime series and movies.